Gen Choi: Sine Wave

We would often ask Gen Choi about the various motions such as fast, continuous and connecting. In fact when I was assisting him with the revision of the 1999 Condensed Encyclopedia, I asked if he could put some simple definitions of each down on paper. Unfortunately he declined, preferring to explain them in person at his courses.

In this clip I ask Gen Choi about how to perform the sine wave when doing the hooking block/punch combination in Yul-Gok.

Looking back at it now, I think he may have been slightly mixing his definitions of continuous and connecting motions. For example you will hear him say “constantly moving” which is normally how he would describe continuous motion. He even shows the low/rising block from Dan-Gun as an example of connecting motion, which of course is continuous motion. And later he compares the motion to the way we perform a circular block, which in previous courses he had explained as being similar to continuous motion.

We had decided before the course to go hard for the answers we were after, and he had encouraged us to do so as well. You will see me pushing for an answer on whether we go up or down on the hooking block – and I guess I was on the verge of being rude. Feel a bit bad when I watch that now.

Besides that, it is great information and you certainly get the picture of what he is after.

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