Speed Training


Do you want to improve your explosive speed in kicking and sparring?

In this video, Finnish Master Mikko Allinniemi trains with his student and four times ITF World Champion Ismo Mäkinen in session exclusively on speed.

Learn new ideas on how to use resistance bands to improve your speed or the speed if your students.

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Duration: 47:23 minutes


Master Mikko Allinniemi takes his student Ismo Mäkinen through a series of drills for speed including:

  • The proper mental state for speed training
  • Shorter “quality not quantity” sessions with proper rest
  • “Against” and “with” resistance band training
  • Speed training for moving in stances
  • Increase explosive speed at the start of the front, side and reverse turning  kicks
  • Over-speed training for hands and feet
  • Over-speed training for kicking
  • Speed techniques borrowed from athletics
  • Speed training kicking pads
  • Q&A with Master Mikko and Mr Mäkinen


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