Reaction Drills with Hong Looi


What do you do when you are trapped for a day in a hotel in Ireland by Hurricane Ophelia? You throw on the doboks of course and have a coaching session with one of the ITF world’s most spectacular sparrers – Mr Hong Looi.

Reaction Drills will help with your sparring like nothing else. And who better to show his own method of training these drills than Mr Hong Looi – Multi European Sparring Champion and three times World Champs team member.

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Video Highlights

  • Flash Drills for fast reaction training
  • See how this training method gradually introduces variations
  • Combinations of attack and counter kicks
  • “Make a mistake?” Good! That’s what I want.”

Please note: This video was filmed in a less than idea area with fluctuating lighting due to the hurricane raging outside. While the video quality it is not up to our normal standard, we hope you will still enjoy the lesson just as much.

Duration: 37: 19 minutes

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Mr Hong Looi is a European Champion, Vice World Champion, three times World Champ Team member and two times Vice European Champion team member. In this video he runs a coaching session with Sabina Mason and Rostik Ivanchuk. Sabina has won several European and World medals in both sparring and patterns (2009, 2010 and 2011). Rostik Ivanchuk has won many international medals including becoming the Vice-World Champion in sparring.


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