Pressure Drills for ITF Sparring


Creating pressure for your opponent is an important part of any high level competition. In ITF Sparring there are unique ways you can do it, and in this video Mr Mark Trotter spends over 50 minutes coaching two black belts on just how it is done.

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Video Highlights

  • Applying pressure by changing the arm position and distance
  • Learning to read the opponent and to counter effectively
  • Drawing your opponent into kicking where you want them to
  • Using the correct distance to that your kicks can’t be seen
  • And much more

Duration: 51: 34 minutes

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Mr Mark Trotter is a master of creating opportunities in sparring and applying pressure to his often taller opponents. In this video he coaches black belts Phillipa Henry and Brenda Contti on the art of creating pressure, with a series of special drills. He goes into some depth analysing how the opponent reacts in certain situations and how to take advantage of it. With the careful positioning of the arm and exact distance of the feet, you can gain an advantage to be able to score your points.


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