TKD Plyometrics Workshop



Jumping is an important part of Taekwon-Do – and we can all improve… with the right training.

This Plyometrics Workshop will take you through a series of exercises and drills that you can do at home, so that you can make fast and noticeable progress. It also includes a separate video on exercises to get started with if you are new to Plyometrics.

As always, our new video are half price for a very limited time so be in quick.

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Duration: 1:07:28 minutes


 At 48 years of age, Mr Jon Sawden is a real inspiration. In this video you will hear him talk about age and how not to let it be a limitation. In fact he challenges the attendees NOT TO GET OLD!” Although he has suffered some injuries over the years he refuses to let them hold back his progress.


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