Mini-Kids Syllabus (All Levels)

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Mini-kids is a programme for kids developed in New Zealand and introduced in 2009. It has been extremely successful in building the membership of many clubs throughout New Zealand due to it’s simplicity and logical progression from one level to the next.

The programme was designed by Auckland instructor Mrs Shirley Pygott over many years. This is the full video of the entire Mini-Kids syllabus, showing all the techniques required for all of the mini-kids levels, as well as a sample of children being graded.

The first part of the syllabus is divided into 4 levels, with a coloured stripe added to their white belt. We call these First Green, First Blue, First Red and First Black. These 4 levels progress the children towards their 9th gup (yellow stripe). From there the second part of the syllabus dives into a further two levels (double yellow and triple yellow stripe) to progress them towards their yellow belt grading.

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Duration: 43 minutes

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2 reviews for Mini-Kids Syllabus (All Levels)

  1. Joanne Bull

    Havent watch it i just want to get one for my gradson to help him with learning things. I have rated 5 star as i no it will b very good

  2. Piotr Bernat

    A well-structured, down-to-earth kids program with no shortcuts. For everyone working with this age group in TKD – it’s a must!

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