Advanced Teaching Younger Kids Course


An in depth course ideal for any instructor who wants to increase their skill set with teaching kids.

This course is designed for TKD teachers that are new to teaching, as well as those that would like to further understand kids and enhance their teaching pedagogy. From this course you will be able to confidently handle any difficult situation easily and effortlessly to turn your classes into an effective training ground for this age group.

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What’s unique about this course?
This course will go into the heart of teaching, cover the issues that matter to you most in your classes and you get to see the course participants apply what they learn with a group of kids to practice on. This course is very in depth and will add many valuable skills and management techniques to enhance your teaching “tool box”.

Here’s what some of the course participants had to say:

This is a must do course for anyone teaching kids! It covers the real issues that arise when teaching the young ones…. From positive discipline to really having fun teaching and getting the kids eating out of the palm of your hand!

Debbie Hart – Head Instructor at Hart Taekwon-Do


Miss Geurts brings a huge amount of experience to a very informative, fun and interactive session on how to get the most out of teaching a younger age group that benefits the kids, parents, the club and of course, the instructor. I would definitely recommend the course to all instructors teaching the 2-7 age group. It’s packed full of information, very practical and created an awareness of a number of things that can make a difference between teaching an ‘average’ class to one that both kids and parents want to be involved in and recommend to others.

Steve Milne – TKD Kubz Assistant Instructor at Warrior Taekwon-Do

Duration: 2 hours 43 minutes

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The full video of this course includes:

  • How the use of rhythm in a class is important to learning
  • How to teach and meet all the different learning types simultaneously
  • How to speak to this age range and the use of language
  • How to discipline children while motivating them to achieve and enjoying the class
  • How to get kids to meet your expectations
  • How to teach a large group of young kids who are at different skill levels
  • And much more!
The course includes footage of the course participants trying some of what they have learnt with a group of kids, and then Miss Geurts herself taking the kids as well.

Duration: 2 hours 43 minutes


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