Joong-Gun Tul with Grand Master Lan


This video captures a one-on-one session by Grand Master Ung Kim Lan teaching the pattern Joong-Gun.

We are very lucky indeed to feature our first Grand Master at, especially of the calibre of Grand Master Lan! In the video he takes 2nd dan Niketa Wells though the blue belt pattern Joong-Gun step by step. The lesson is full of useful information that will assist anyone with this pattern and other patterns as well.

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Duration: 24:00 minutes

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 Joong-Gun is the blue belt pattern and is quite a step up from previous forms. It contains a number of difficult techniques, changes of stances, slow motion movements and more.If you are a blue belt or above you will get a lot of benefit from this lesson with Grand Master Lan Kim Ung, as he takes Niketa Wells through Joon-Gun step by step.


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