Hamstring Mobility


The hamstrings can be the cause of immense frustration for martial artists. They can be easily injured again and again.

But perhaps the solution is in some alternative methods of mobilisation shown here in this video.

For example – stretching the hamstrings should NOT be where you start to solve your hamstring problems.

TKDCoaching welcomes back Expert Coach Mr Mike Lowe for an in depth video of how to develop and maintain hamstring mobility.

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In this Video

  • Hamstring mobility.

  • Some causes of hamstring tightness

  • Four techniques for reducing tightness

Duration: 43:06 minutes


In this video Mr Lowe investigates the important muscles that act on the hip and knee which are used in many Taekwon-Do movements and everyday life. For some, stretching doesn’t seem to lessen the tightness. Learn a new approach to improving your hamstring health.


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