Guardian Angel Kids Self Defence Course


By teaching kids to recognise the most common ‘lures’ and manipulation techniques used by predators, children emerge feeling more confident about the world and safer in the knowledge that they know who to trust. A confident, alert and communicative young person is far more able to avoid child abuse, predatory assault – and simply stay safe.

This unique course was designed by Protect founder Phil Thompson, New Zealand’s leading expert on self defence/self protection for children, and author of the highly influential book ‘Empower your kids to be safe…For life’. Phil has helped empower thousands of people to live more confident, empowered, and safe lives free from un-necessary fear and worry.

Guardian Angel is a new approach to child safety that enables parents and/or caregivers to rest easier, in the knowledge that their kids are living fun, fantastic lives and have the emotional and physical skills to deal with danger.

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 Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes



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