Foot and Ankle Mobility


TKDCoaching welcomes back Expert Coach Mr Mike Lowe for an in depth video of how to develop and maintain foot and ankle mobility.

Good foot and ankle mobility is an important, but often overlooked area that directly impacts our ability to perform at our best in Taekwon-Do. Everything with regard to force production and balance relates to how we are connected to the earth. If our feet and ankles are in good shape then it increases our effectiveness.

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Video Highlights

  • Use of a ball for ankle and foot mobilisation to free sticky surfaces
  • Ankle and foot pain, swelling and sliding surfaces around ankle
  • Voo Doo band, plantar surface smash and forefoot mobilisation
  • Toe re-animators
  • Use of strength band for ankle strength and freeing impingement
  • Strengthening with 3 foot strengthening exercises for arche and more
  • Balancing Exercises

Duration: 1 hour: 25 minutes


In this 85 minute Master Class with Mr Mike Michael Lowe you will learn the exercises to help improve and maintain your foot and ankle mobility.

Mr Lowe discusses the possibility that our mobility limitations may not be issues relating to muscle length, but can be more to do with the way our layers of tissues move, or don’t move under our skin. A healthy athlete has layers of sliding surfaces – at least they should slide. In this video you will learn how to make those tissues move again and free up your mobility limitations.

In this video you will learn many exercises and how to use many tools such as balls, bands and kettle bells. Mr lowe teaches how get improvement with the regular exercises he sets out. The video finishes with ideas for footwear and how shoes can be destroying our feet!


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