Every Woman’s Guide to Being Safe…For Life


Every woman deserves to live a life free from unnecessary fear and worry, and to have the skills to protect herself and her loved ones if needed.

This book cuts through all of the hype, myths and misconceptions around self defence for women and will give you the skills and confidence to know that you (and your loved ones) can get home safely from any situation.

“This superb book is a must read for every woman! It is empowering, practical, highly relevant, and presented in an easy to apply and empathetic manner by two experts who have lived what they write about. You will learn the reality of effective self protection and feel empowered by the knowledge and skills that this book will give you to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. This book is one of the best gifts you could give yourself and I highly recommend it for all women.” Dr Kim McGregor, Author and Director of Rape Prevention Education


This unique, and valuable information will empower you with everything you need to stay safe including:

  • Heightened avoidance and awareness skillsWithout having to live in constant fear or worry you will be able to recognise the signs of danger at their earliest point so that you can take immediate action.
  • Increased confidenceBy developing empowering belief systems around your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones. With the information in this book, you will KNOW that you can stay safe!
  • Understanding the behavioural and psychological aspects to violenceGiving you enormous advantage over a potential attacker.
  • How to recognise the ‘Survival Signs’ – Strategies that males use against females to persuade and lure them into dangerous situations. You will recognise these in almost every story of predatory assault you ever hear. Stay one step ahead by knowing what they are!
  • Defusion and de-escalation strategiesKnow how to avoid escalating a dangerous situation to enable you to defuse it or ‘set your attacker up’ to allow for your escape!
  • Highly effective physical protection strategiesEasily learnt strategies that work and can be recalled under pressure and stress in any environment regardless of physical size or strength.
  • Realistic defensive strategies – For dealing with some of the most common situations women face. Common sense approaches developed from analysis of thousands of real situations.
  • With this new, highly relevant information you will have the skills, confidence and knowledge to share with your loved ones to help them, and you, stay safe…for life.

170 page PDF file


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