6 Months to Black Belt Grading Success

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Black Belt Training Program by Master Paul McPhail

To achieve a black belt in any martial art is a great achievement. And the day of the grading itself is something you will remember for your entire life.

You have already put in years of dedicated practice toward obtaining the required standard, but the last six months leading up to the grading are the most critical.

Regardless of what the particular testing requirements for your grading will be, this program will get you ready. More than ready. I believe in doing the hard work up front so you can enjoy the benefits later. Do that and your grading will be an enjoyable and positive experience.

This ebook comes in both PDF and EPub formats. PDF is ideal for reading on your computer and printing. E-Pub is best for your ipad, iphone or smaller mobile device as it re-sizes to fit your screen.


For a black belt grading, you take on the unique challenge of having to perform at a high level over many hours or even days.

On a physical level, the endurance required to be able to sustain energy output over many hours is not dissimilar to that of an endurance athlete, with the addition of many periods of extreme explosive power and speed.

So we have a problem!

The energy systems and conditioning regime required to train for sustained energy for hours and hours is completely different from that required to train for explosive power and speed. This is the unique challenge and one that requires very specific and properly timed training.

Not many sports have this problem to such an extent. Most sporting events are over within an hour or two, or those that aren’t tend to require lower more steady levels of exertion. The black belt grading, however, demands high levels of power output over many hours or days.

With this in mind, training must begin early and the energy systems must be trained separately. Trying to train for everything 2 or 3 months before the grading will not maximise your results.

This e-book will step you through the process of preparation starting 6 months out with a program that will help you to meet the challenge.


Table of Contents


  • What’s Required
  • Training Plan Overview

Strength & Conditioning

  • The Energy Systems
  • Fuel
  • The Three Systems
  • Training the Energy Systems
  • Threshold Training
  • How to calculate your aerobic threshold

Training at Anaerobic Threshold

  • Alactic Power Intervals
  • Lactic Capacity Intervals
  • Sprint Intervals
  • Strength & Power Training
  • Grease the Groove (Synaptic Facilitation)
  • Plyometrics

Technical and Skill Development

  • Patterns
  • Sparring and Self Defence
  • Destruction

Mental Preparation

  • Taekwon-Do Theory
  • Mental Strategies



Training Program

  • BLOCK 1 – 6 months out
  • BLOCK 2 – 4 months out
  • BLOCK 3 – 2 months out

Sample Program

  • Sample of Training Block 1
  • Sample of Training Block 2
  • Sample of Training Block 3
  • Weekly Training Schedule – Blank Template



2 reviews for 6 Months to Black Belt Grading Success

  1. kylie denton (verified owner)

    I have put my black belt grading off more times than I care to remember, I never felt quite prepared enough and I felt I was going around and around in circles, not quite knowing specifically how to prepare for certain things. this e-book has given me a fantastic foundation to work with and pin points exactly how and when to prepare for these requirements. I feel extremely confident now that I know where I’m going and how to get there, and am positive that come the next black belt grading I will be there and I will be ready 🙂 thanks Master Mcphail.

  2. Paul McPhail

    You are most welcome Kylie. I really hope the e-book helps you to achieve your goal. 🙂

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