Balance with Carl Van Roon

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In our new video series on SPORTS SCIENCE Mr Carl van Roon presents over 45 minutes of useful information and exercises that will help you to improve your balance.

Mr Van Roon breaks the session into three sections: Alignment, Strength and Proprioception. The importance of each of these perspectives is clearly explained and applied to our needs as Taekwon-Do exponents.

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Video Highlights

  • The importance of alignment to stay balanced
  • Exercises to assist with alignment
  • Importance of knee alignment over the toes in stances, jumping and more
  • Proper core engagement
  • Unilateral strength training to assist with Taekwon-Do
  • Exercises to improve body awareness for improved balance
  • Jumping exercises to increase balance

Duration: 45: 24 minutes


Mr Van Roon is a world champion competitor, expert coach and sports scientist. In this video, the first in a new series on Sport Science, he gives you a 45 minute session dedicated to the subject of balance. All sports athletes know the importance of having good balance, and it is something that we all need to master regardless of our current level of ability.

This video is a combination of theory surrounding balance and what that means, alongside several practical ways to help you improve. It includes how to hold your posture correctly, tense your core, align your body so that you minimise wasted energy, and loss of equilibrium.

Mr Van Roon refers to an important book in this video called, Born to Run, which you can check out here.

1 review for Balance with Carl Van Roon

  1. Paul McPhail

    Some feedback from one of our premium Members:

    On 7 February 2017 at 06:12, David Farrell-Shaw wrote:
    Really enjoyed the video on balance – my knee was out of alignment – 44 years and I never knew. Now working to fix it and what a difference it is making. Thank you so much


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