A Sparring Session with Carl van Roon

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This video is of a sparring coaching session by Mr Carl van Roon. It is focused on beginner levels – but contains many excellent  drills and ideas that even advanced students and coaches will benefit from.

The entire video is over 90 minutes long and covers warm up sparring drills, partner exercises, kicking drills, point sparring and even a Q&A session. Invaluable content for beginner to intermediate advanced sparring competitors and coaches.

Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes

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Check out our free sample clips to give you a glimpse of a regular club session on free sparring by Carl van Roon. You will see what a wonderful instructor he is as he highlights a few important principles and then gives drills to implement them.

The first clip is from the kicking part of the session, where Mr van Roon shows how the exact positioning of the chamber leg is important so that you can create a barrier between you and your opponent. Too far one way opens you up to an attack from behind; too far the other and you are asking for a reverse turning kick in the head.

Next Carl van Roon talks about “absolute speed” vs “perceptional speed”. The example he gives here shows that you can be actually very fast, but if you telegraph the movement then your opponent will see it coming and be able to react. With the correct use of distance and not “telling” you can easily score on your opponent without them being able to defend.

In our final free clip Mr van Roon spends a good amount of time in the session talking about range, and the illusion of range – or positioning yourself so that you are able to entice your opponent to do what you want them to do. Your positioning and stance must be perfect so that you can move just out of range and then counter.

The class finishes with Mr van Roon sparring all the seniors and then answering questions from the students.

The full video is 1 hour and 30 minutes long and covers warm up sparring drills, kicking drills, being deceptive in sparring and how to create opportunities and much more.

12 reviews for A Sparring Session with Carl van Roon

  1. Ms. Allen II Dan (verified owner)

    Great session I especially like the various warm up drills that are applicable to all belt rankings.

  2. Geo (verified owner)

    The video is an excellent resource for any one who is considering ‘re-booting’ their sparring regimen. Highly recommended.

  3. Sean (verified owner)

    A quality length and quality practical video. Really east to emulate in your own classes in parts or in full. Good skills and drills. a great visual resource for a student or an intructor to use, Highly recommended .

  4. Chris (verified owner)

    An excellent resource for any Taekwon-Doin looking to improve their free sparring. Mr. van Roon is not only a top flight competitor but an excellent instructor who has a great ability to get his point across to those he’s teaching in the video and those watching at home (or in the Do Jang). There were many great points in this video to add to my “tool box” even nearly after 29 years of training. My one complaint was I got the end of the hour and a half session and was disappointed it was over!

  5. Llauger Castillo (verified owner)

    As usual New Zealand delivering the best quality.

  6. Keith MacNeil (verified owner)

    As a WTF Taekwondo student and instructor, i thoroughly enjoyed this video. Drills were excellent and practical, presented well and I look forward to incorporating them in my own classes.

  7. Alexis (verified owner)

    Great ideas especially for younger athletes. Great job

  8. Cesar Arnaez (verified owner)

    Great video! clearly to understand and very good ideas for training.

  9. Yves (verified owner)

    Excellent video which brings us back to basics of sparring (distance, opportunity and foot work). I learned a lot, new drills and teaching technics. I will embed those into my teaching.

  10. Russell Parfitt (verified owner)

    Great drills, an engaging instructor, clearly shot & very well described. Awesome product.

  11. Gerard Cuthew (verified owner)

    Excellent guide for sparring,many useful tools that I hope to incorporate when I’m sparring,especially the perceptual speed part.Highly recommend

  12. Juan (verified owner)

    Very nice class! Lot useful sparring tips. Totally recommended

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