A Private Lesson with Master Hutton


Imagine having a private lesson with Master Hutton!

That opportunity just doesn’t come around – so the next best thing is to sit in on someone else’s.

Watch and learn as he takes 1st gup Gabby Lambert through basic techniques, power generation and patterns training in this one-on-one session.

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Video Highlights

  • Drills for developing accuracy
  • How to make corrections sink in
  • Using knee spring to create power
  • Angles and application of blocks
  • Toi-Gye pattern step by step
  • Choong-Moo pattern – hints and tips
  • And much more

Duration: 1 hour 16 minutes


Sit in on a private lesson by Master Mark Hutton (8th dan) and he takes Gabby Lambert through over an hour of one on one tuition.


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