Premium for Clubs

Do you want to show your love and appreciation for your instructing team, black belts, seniors or amazing students?

You could give them a box of chocolates … you could give them a pot plant … … OR you could give them a gift that keeps on giving long after the chocolates have been eaten and the begonias have withered.

Premium for Clubs

Introducing TKDCoaching’s new PREMIUM FOR CLUBS membership!

You can now gift FIVE people in your club access to all of TKDCoaching’s premium content for the price of around $1 per week per member. And the best part is that YOU will also will have all access at no extra cost! That’s 6 people all together!

Professional Development

Give your instructors professional development with our high quality videos on a range of topics including instructing and specific areas in Taekwon-Do. You could have each instructor watch a video and then discuss it together as part of your inhouse instructor training.

Expert Content

Give your instructors, black belts and students expert content to keep challenging themselves and growing in their Taekwon-Do journey

Premium Content available nowhere else

Gift them access to recordings, video and other items from Taekwon-Do history of interest to any Taekwon-Do enthusiast

Supplemental Training

Encourage your instructors, black belts and students in their Taekwon-Do training as it supplements their instruction in class

TKDC Community

Give them access to our TKDCoaching Premium Members group where you can ask questions and interact with the TKD experts featured in our videos.

Specialist Knowledge

Give them access to specialist knowledge in areas of Taekwon-Do of particular interest to them

More Resources

Give them access to special resources, training programs and extra videos in the TKDCoaching Premium Members Group

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