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Join the many clubs from around the world who are discovering that TKDCoaching can help keep their students motivated and engaged in these very difficult times.

Show your appreciation for your instructing team, black belts, seniors or amazing students with a Club Membership.

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Professional Development

Give your instructors professional development with our high quality videos on a range of topics including instructing and specific areas in Taekwon-Do. You could have each instructor watch a video and then discuss it together as part of your inhouse instructor training.

Premium Content available nowhere else

Gift them access to recordings, video and other items from Taekwon-Do history of interest to any Taekwon-Do enthusiast

Expert Content

Give your instructors, black belts and students expert content to keep challenging themselves and growing in their Taekwon-Do journey

TKDC Community

Give them access to our TKDCoaching Premium Members group where you can ask questions and interact with the TKD experts featured in our videos.

Supplemental Training

Encourage your instructors, black belts and students in their Taekwon-Do training as it supplements their instruction in class

Specialist Knowledge

Give them access to specialist knowledge in areas of Taekwon-Do of particular interest to them

More Resources

Give them access to special resources, training programs and extra videos in the TKDCoaching Premium Members Group

What our Premium for Clubs Members are Saying...

  • The exposure to training techniques from the experts has not only invigorated our classes it has inspired our students and instructors to develop innovative training exercises based on what is provided.

    Dan DeArmas USA
  • There would be few (if any) that can offer a facility such as this and I for one am extremely grateful for the knowledge the site imparts and the amount of time and effort that goes in to make it happen.

    Premium for Clubs is a remarkable opportunity to help us be ‘The Best We Can Be’.

    Peter Graham
    Peter Graham New Zealand
  • TKD Coaching Premium for Clubs has been a great source of inspiration for our instructors. The selection of videos from different instructors around the world is immense, with something to learn in each video.

    Mr Henri Savilampi
    Mr Henri Savilampi Finland
  • Great service and platform. The site has served my club well as we are expanding with new instructors holding classes, and the site has been a great tool for them in their teachings. For me personally, the sparring drills have been most useful and thanks to them I won a national competition here in Sweden.

    Hampus Willman
    Hampus Willman Sweden
  • The Premium for Clubs Membership means I can provide an incentive for my instructors to use the TKD Coaching tool to advance themselves and become better instructors and practitioners.  It also makes it really great value when you realise how many combined hours of awesome video coaching you and your instructors/seniors get out of it as a whole.  This is a great reward to my team for their hard work each year.

    Angela Oliver
    Angela Oliver Pulse TKD
  • TKD Coaching Premium for clubs is an excellent source of knowledge, instruction and reference for our instructors. Thank you for all your hard work. Definitely the best Taekwon-Do site!!

    Kevin Kinsella
    Kevin Kinsella Irish Taekwon-Do Association
  • TKD Coaching has provided a unique coaching tool that should be utilised by everyone in Taekwon-Do! It is a mainstay in our furthering education for Instructors and always used in staff training development. To not have this as part of your syllabus is like teaching without the manual. Respect to all involved in this wonderful compilation of tutorials.

    Master Sandy Dunbar
    Master Sandy Dunbar Scotland
  • Myself and my instructors have gained valuable information and knowledge from the premium members section for Schools. It’s great to see from other instructors the different and inventive ways of teaching the old drills.

    Master Val Douglas
    Master Val Douglas VIII Degree, Ireland
  • is one tool every part timer and professional needs for today's competitive environment. That's both on the mats and running a  successful business. This is not the run the mill on-line flashy tutorial. This is for seriously committed ITF fanatics who are addicted to depth in their study of all things Taekwon-Do.

    Master Frank Murphy
    Master Frank Murphy 7th Dan Irish Taekwon-Do Association
  • TKDCoaching allows me and my team to improve our performance of ITF Patterns as well incorporate the Kicking, Breaking, Sparring and Kid's Seminars into our teaching. Now when teaching ITF patterns, if a question arises we can quickly access the video content for ourselves or to share with the student so that they understand the proper form and why it's important.

    Master Eric Rangel-Ribeiro USA

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