Clubs Rescue Package

Get through Covid-19

We have been trying to think of ways to help out clubs that are currently scrambling to do on-line classes. We know TKDCoaching can help clubs – but we have been conscious of appearing to take advantage of the current situation. So it is with careful consideration we are making a temporary membership available to clubs.

This is a new Special Monthly Club Membership option (normally this is annual only). Especially for clubs with adults, this would be a great way for them to give all their students on-line lessons for the next few months.

We will give up to 100 members of each club, full premium access to all our videos and downloads. We can do this for only $1 per member per month (if you have 100 members) – as a temporary solution while clubs are in lock-down.

For our existing Premium for Clubs Memberships we are also increasing the limit to 100 members at no extra cost. That makes it fair for everyone.

Thanks and if you think this would be good for your club please forward on to your instructor or click the link to learn more.

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