TKD Coaching can provide you with Taekwon-Do instructional videos that get you right inside sessions with some of the world’s top instructors and coaches. This means you can get new ideas, information and skills. You will also learn HOW these instructors teach.

TKD Coaching is the website of Grand Master Paul McPhail, 9th degree black belt and member of the ITF Technical Committee. You can read more about Grand Master McPhail here.

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What our members say…

  • I am really enjoying the work of Feel it really fills a need for specific ITF content on the net. The inclusion recently of the IIC material was very helpful as it afforded the opportunity to review the material which is most welcome.

    Master Terry Donnelly
    Master Terry Donnelly Ireland
  • Great site lots of information. Well done the best Taekwon-do site I have seen.

    Master G K Gassor
    Master G K Gassor Wales
  • TKD Coaching has provided a unique coaching tool that should be utilised by everyone in Taekwon-Do! It is a mainstay in our furthering education for Instructors and always used in staff training development. To not have this as part of your syllabus is like teaching without the manual. Respect to all involved in this wonderful compilation of tutorials.

    Master Sandy Dunbar
    Master Sandy Dunbar Scotland
  • I've found TKD Coaching a great resource not only for learning but also for refreshing information that has been lost or forgotten. If you're serious about your Taekwon-Do then this site offers a unique way for students to learn and also for instructors to sharpen their knowledge, keep up the good work.

    Master Ray Gayle
    Master Ray Gayle VIII Degree, United Kingdom
  • is one tool every part timer and professional needs for today's competitive environment. That's both on the mats and running a  successful business. This is not the run the mill on-line flashy tutorial. This is for seriously committed ITF fanatics who are addicted to depth in their study of all things Taekwon-Do.

    Master Frank Murphy
    Master Frank Murphy 7th Dan Irish Taekwon-Do Association
  • The detail in the patterns, the energetic Master Hutton, as well as so many of the countless other videos I have enjoyed. You have put together an amazing resource which has helped me to achieve black belt. The new app makes it even better again.

    Nick Roche
    Nick Roche Cork Ireland
  • I originally joined in desperation because I was so frustrated with my lack of progress and confidence in breaking, but I am now making great strides thanks to the wonderful instructional videos and gaining so much more than that.

    Gayle McGurrell
    Gayle McGurrell Ireland
  • Congratulations on 5 years. The site has grown so much since the launch and has become one of the must have resources for ITF TKD. Continued success Master McPhail.

    Master Terry Donnelly
    Master Terry Donnelly Ireland
  • Thank you Sir for the vision and true perseverance to see a massive task through. Your dream has benefited us all. Happy 5 Year Anniversary!

    Master Kane Raukura
    Master Kane Raukura New Zealand
  • Amazing! Congratulations. A revolution in the TKD world!

    Master Thierry Meyour
    Master Thierry Meyour Finland
  • Thank you for launching this wonderful training tool. Since joining, I have learned new things and I have also been reminded of things that I had forgotten.

    Master Frank Primm Jr
    Master Frank Primm Jr USA
  • It's been a pleasure to have known You for your dedication and passion in TKD since the beginning in Brisbane in the 1980s. Thank You for your hard work, sharing your knowledge and promoting General Choi's Legacy, Taekwon !

    Master Peter Wong
    Master Peter Wong Master Instructor, Perth Australia

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