Membership Options for your Club

We now have three different options to match your club’s size and circumstances.

  • Club 100 Monthly
    $US100 per month
    • Up to 100 of your members get full access
    • Stop or pause at any time
  • Club Yearly Original
    $US7 per week*
    • *Paid Yearly
    • Up to 10 of your members get full access
    •  Most economical option for your club
  • Club 100 Yearly
    $US599 per year
    • Up to 100 of your members get full access
    • Save 50% over the monthly 100 plan

FAQs about Club Memberships

What is the Rescue Package

That is the name we gave to the new membership we came up with during Covid19 to help clubs. This new Monthly Club Membership allowed up to 100 students to be added to the club for one monthly fee. We have now made this membership permanent along with the Yearly option as well.

How does the Club Membership Work?

As the owner of the membership (normally the club instructor), you are able to add members to your account. This can be done simply by sending your members a link, or by adding them yourself one at a time or by uploading a spreadsheet. Your members will then have full access to all the premium content.

Is it easy to manage the member accounts?

Is it easy to add and remove members. When you join you get a video to show you how to do it.

What happens to my member's accounts if I stop the membership?

Your members access to the premium content will automatically stop if you cancel your membership. You don’t have to do anything.

Will I be notified before my subscription renews?

Yes, we always send an email out 7 days before a membership renews each year to give you the opportunity to cancel or pause if you need to.

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