Juche Tul: Pivot on the ball

​One of the challenges in Juche-tul is the slow reverse hooking kicks. If you can master the pivoting of the foot in a smooth manner then you are along way to getting this right. Mr Trotter helps [...]

Juche Tul: Slow Jump

Here are some great tips for making the most of your jumping ability. Visualize a “slow jump” and give yourself more “air time”. The dodging reverse turning kick is one of [...]

Juche Tul: Mid-Air Strike

​Not everyone is great at jumping… but there are things we can do to improve the way the technique looks. A trick for the mid-air strike in Juche is to fire the strike out as soon as you [...]

Sparring Session: Little Slide Big Slide

Mr Broughton spends quite some time working with Georgia on getting a small shift followed by a bigger shift of the supporting foot. Sounds easy but it takes a bit of practice to get just right. [...]

Sparring Session: Adding a Kick

Mr Broughton talks about limiting the opponent’s choices by thinking about where the “powerbox” of you and your opponent is. The kick is now thrown, concentrating on leaning the [...]

Sparring Session: Outside the line

As well as moving forward, the drill is now modified to step slightly outside the opponent’s foot. They also work on body position with a flat motion while keeping the knees slight in. [...]

High Performance Warm-Ups: General

Head Coach Mr Gray Patterson takes the team through a general warm-up including some fun partner exercises. This footage is from a New Zealand National Team Camp. There are three free videos in [...]

High Performance Warm-Ups: Patterns

Mr Brendan Doogan has fun and innovative ways to warm-up the class while learning at the same time. In this sample you see “Hand to Ground Reverse” and “Push-up after [...]

High Performance Warm-Ups: Sparring

Mr Chris Broughton takes Auckland members of the New Zealand Team through a sparring drill warm-up – Aggressive Fake. There are three free videos in this series: General | [...]

Sparring Class: Side Step and Counter

Master Daher gets the students to side step their front foot and punch at the same time, then quickly return the foot with another punch – ultimately to set up a back kick. Simple but [...]

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