TKD Made Fun for Kids: Creative Games

Chris has a series of great Creative Games he uses to keep his classes interesting and fun. This clip shows one of those called “Pads”. The full course video shows all the Games Chris [...]

TKD Made Fun for Kids: Ball Bounce

Ball Bounce is a brilliant, fun game for kids where they also learn balance & coordination skills along with team work. Great warm up for kids. There are three free videos in this series: [...]

TKD Made Fun for Kids: Animal Walks

Animal Walks are a great Strength & Conditioning exercise for kids and adults alike. This snippet shows some of the ones Chris uses. There are three free videos in this series: Creative [...]

Self-defence Seminar: Wrist Grabs

Why in the past have we spent so much time doing Wrist Grabs in Martial Arts Self Defence? Because it’s tradition! Mr Thompson explains that outside of a male on female altercation that [...]

Self-defence Seminar: The Passive Stance

This is the Classic Negotiation Stance which communicates you are not a threat and are open to possibilities. It can be applied to any face-to-face encounter whether standing, seated, or lying [...]

Self-defence Seminar: A&B Response

The iTKD Self Defence Syllabus involves teaching students an A and a B Response to any attack. The A response is appropriate in situations where the treat is not serious, for example a child [...]

Eui-Am Tul: Prep the Foot

The High Reverse Turning Kicks towards the end of this pattern provide their own unique challenges. Mr Trotter talks about the hip being over the top of the foot, and the idea of getting that [...]

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